Digital Divide

Program Overview

Many school children in Appalachia live with no computer and broadband internet access at home.

That means that low-income students without computers cannot do their homework. They cannot conduct research for school projects. They cannot email their teachers if they have a question or need guidance. They cannot do their assignments when school isn’t in session.

In fact, they are on the wrong side of what is known as the “digital divide.”

Last year, thanks to our supporters, we took the first steps towards bridging the ‘Digital Divide.’

We worked with our partner, Lee County Family Resource Center (LCFRC), in Beattyville, Kentucky to provide a computer to 24 needy children at Beattyville Elementary School. The school also worked with AT&T to provide their families with low-cost broadband internet service.

2018 Program Goals

This program has been such a success that we want to expand it to 30 more students before the end of 2018.  No longer will a student not be able to do their homework because they simply don’t have a computer at home. 

No longer will a student not be able to conduct research for school projects, email their teachers if they have a question or need guidance, or do schoolwork when school is closed because of weather.

Further, access to technology is the best hope these students have to get into college or compete 21st century job when the time comes. We know that technology is a game changer.  We are working to bridge the Digital Divide for 30 more students in the next months alone, and even more beyond that.

30 Computers

$325 Each

$9750 Goal


Vocational Support Provided Year Round

Vocational Support Provided Year Round

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