Support Your Favorite Cause through trading on eBay!

February 7, 2008

Support Your Favorite Cause through trading on eBay!

February 7, 2008

eBay Giving Works

Turn that gift you’re not sure you need into needed funding to help the children of Appalachia!

Sell unneeded presents on eBay Giving Works and donate a portion or the entire final sale price to us. It’s giving back without giving it back.

Mission FishHere’s how to start!!
Register as an eBay seller If you are registered already, log into your eBay account and click “Sell.”

2) Look for the “Donate a percentage of sale” field in the Sell Your Item form (It’s in the “How you’re selling” area. If you don’t see it, click on the “Customize Form-Format” link and select “Donate percentage of sale”).

3) Choose “Select a new nonprofit.”

4) On the next page that appears, type “Americans Helping Americans.”

5) When “Americans Helping Americans” appears, click “Select.”

6) Choose a percentage you wish to donate to us.

7) If this is your first eBay Giving Works listing, you will be prompted to create a MissionFish account (the nonprofit that powers eBay Giving Works).

It’s as simple as that! If your item sells, our organization will receive the percentage you selected to donate or $5 (that’s the minimum donation amount per listing that sells), whichever is greater. You’ll get a fee credit for the Final Value and Insertion fees equal to the percentage you donated.

Once you get going you will find that folks may bid higher knowing that a percentage of their final bid goes to charity. So, it’s a great marketing tool, too! Everyone is a winner: you are able to support your favorite charity, Americans Helping Americans; get rid of unwanted items in your home; market your stuff; even make some money and receive a receipt of your donation for tax purposes. It’s great!

Have questions? Please visit to learn more.

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