Housing Program

Roofs, Repairs, and Renovations

Many Americans do not have enough savings to perform needed rehabilitation and repairs on their home. A leaking hole in the kitchen of an elderly grandma might go neglected and eventually collapse while she’s making Thanksgiving pumpkin pie. Our grants provide the materials and bring college students and church groups to the heart of Appalachia to help repair the homes with children and the elderly so that they can live more comfortably.


Thousands of elderly and disabled homeowners live in homes they can’t
easily access because of uneven or dangerous steps, no wheelchair ramp,
or the house itself is in disrepair and deemed unsafe. Our grants to
numerous partners in Appalachia provide the cost of materials and labor so
that work groups, volunteers, and contractors can rehabilitate homes.


we were able to complete a total of home renovation projects

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Repairing Roofs and Ramps for those that can’t

Repairing Roofs and Ramps for those that can’t

For many elderly and/or disabled homeowners in rural Appalachia, their home is the only asset they have – no savings accounts, no IRAs or 401(k)s – just struggling to get by from one month to the next on their meager Social Security benefits to put food on the table,...

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A Home is Repaired Just in Time for Christmas

A Home is Repaired Just in Time for Christmas

For Americans Helping Americans® partner Big Creek People in Action, which operates a home rehab program in the summer in McDowell County, West Virginia, replacing leaking roofs are challenging, and expensive. “You need to know what you are going to do or you can...

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