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A person’s ability to function in life is dependent on their ability to read. We take for granted how easy it is to read the paper, directions to take medicine, following a recipe, or using cleaning materials safely. Many people cannot simply because they cannot see due to undiagnosed poor eyesight. Americans Helping Americans sponsors health initiatives such as providing grants to mobile vision clinics equipping children and adults with proper eyeglasses as well as free medical clinics serving the uninsured with chronic illnesses. Diabetes and hypertension are rampant in places of poverty due to unhealth eating being cheaper than proper nutrition. These medial ailments people families in poverty with medical bills and additional resources being required to live.

Mighty Molars



Funding for medical assistance such as purchasing eyeglasses and dentures for poverty-stricken Americans are hard to come by. These are basic needs many go without. Our programs provide funding to support these programs.


dental kits distributed for children in Georgia, West Virginia, Tennessee, and Kentucky among other states

patients visited a free clinic in Georgia getting medicine and consultation

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