Fixing Our Roof

March 2, 2014

Fixing Our Roof

March 2, 2014

Appreciative of the new roof volunteers at our community partner in West Virginia built for them, Mr. and Mrs. Price, seniors in dire need of a new roof, presented volunteers with the following poem written by Mrs. Price.


Fixing Our Roof

Some people go on big vacations

To have so much summer fun,

But here for us it’s a joy to get work done.

When the Big Creek People in Action

Sent such lovely young folks to fix our roof

To make our home safe for us to live in

It will not leak now when heavy rains come.

The pretty tin will always shine so bright in the sun

With glad hearts this was to our satisfaction.

God bless those wonderful workers

And once again we give all our thanks to the

Americans Helping Americans®

People helping people, help people.

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