Youth Programs

Children these days have a lot of pressure on them, socially and academically. When there are few opportunities to kick back, relax, get involved with clubs, and simply be a kid, others will take advantage of the situation and lead the child down a bad path. It doesn’t help that funding for youth programs from public agencies are often the first cuts from the budget which leaves fewer and more compromised services for teens. Our sponsored youth programs provide mentorship, counseling, and activities to at risk youths keeping them focused and away from gangs or drugs.

Our grants also fund summer camp activities for hundreds across Appalachia. When the final school bell rings and students are officially on summer vacation, you can sense excitement in the halls as children say good bye to their best friends hoping to see them within the next couple of months. Then reality sets in and they get home with not a whole lot of options for entertaining themselves, no money for vacation, pool passes, or camps of any kind. Our sponsored camps help children travel to US attractions near and far from their homes! They are given complementary meals ensuring they never go hungry. And they get to see their best friends and make new ones every day while staying active and continuing to learn.

Summer Camp

Summer Food

Delinquency Prevention


Children are the basis for ensuring vitality and growth in our communities. Given chances to stay active, think and learn through experiences, we help youth living in Appalachia and in other areas throughout the nation. We help them take pride in themselves, their heritage and in their surroundings.

Our Impact in 2022

meals delivered to hungry children in the summer months

children attended summer camps, making new friends and staying active

students learned how to make their own personal hydroponic growing system

youths assisted through our delinquency prevention program in Georgia

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