Helper of the Month

For us at Americans Helping Americans our “Helpers of the Month” are truly unsung heroes who are an integral part of our team, along with our partners and, of course, our generous supporters who without them none of what we do providing much-needed assistance to struggling families and children in distressed regions of Appalachia could be accomplished.

Our partners rely on their volunteers who donate their time and talents such as some of our most recent “Helpers” such as Lynn Parker who after his retirement wanted to give back to his community by volunteering for our partner in Rogersville, Tennessee, Of One Accord, and Linda Smith, who with her husband, Bob, and their son, Josh, own the local newspaper in, Kentucky, where our partner there, the Lee County Family Resource Center, serves elementary school children and where Linda, Bob and Josh are described as “the backbone of the community.”

Here you can read more about Lynn, Linda and all our other Helpers of the Month who do so much for the betterment of their community — we’re sure you will find them all inspiring, just was do we.