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Parents face many challenges and raising children while in poverty exacerbates these challenges. Often times parents must make the difficult choice to either afford food for the week or purchase school supplies for their child. Unsatisfied that this happens in America,  

Americans Helping Americans has been delivering thousands of school kits to students every year and also providing an entire school their students supplies to distribute to all students. Living in poverty shouldn’t exclude you from being prepared for school.

We also believe in the importance of afterschool care. A child’s education doesn’t stop when the bell rings. Many students lack the tools at home to assist in their education such as a computer, internet, or a proper guardian to help with homework. Our afterschool programs across Appalachia provides tutors and funding for extracurricular activities to help children learn in more ways than one. Also, the students receive a nutritious meal which may be neglected while at home.

Back to School

After School

Vocational Training Support

Digital Divide


Appalachian students don’t receive the same resources as students in other places of America. Our grants sponsor various programs and initiatives to address this disparity:

  • After-school sessions: We provide after-school sessions with tutors to help struggling students catch up with their studies.
  • After-school meals: We offer nutritious after-school meals to students who may not have access to proper meals at home.
  • Tutoring and vocational sessions: Our grants sponsor tutors and vocational sessions to help students develop their career-building skills.
  • School supplies: We provide school supplies to thousands of students annually, ensuring they have the necessary tools for their education.
  • Summer camp groups: We sponsor summer camp groups to prevent hunger, boredom, and isolation during the long summer months. These camps provide a safe and engaging environment for students.
  • Laptop computers: Our grants also provide laptop computers to students who don’t have a personal computer at home. This initiative aims to enhance their educational opportunities and access to digital resources.

By implementing these programs, we strive to bridge the resource gap and create a more equitable learning environment for Appalachian students.


students conducted AHA sponsored science experiments for a school grade.

school supply kits were delivered at the start of the school year.Two schools received their entire required supply lists for a total of 1000 students

students enrolled in after school tutoring classes in West Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia.

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