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Appalachian students don’t receive the same resources as students in
other places of America. Our grants sponsor after school sessions with
both tutors to help a struggling student as well as after school meals they
may not get at home; sponsor tutors and vocational sessions for career
building; provide school supplies to thousands of students yearly; sponsor
summer camp groups to prevent hunger, boredom, and isolation during the
long months of summer; and give laptop computers to students who do
not have a personal computer at home to enhance their education.



school supply kits were delivered at the start of the school year

computers were given to students in kentucky without home computers to allow them to complete research projects in their own home

students enrolled benefited from the after school tutoring in west Virginia, Kentucky, Tennessee, and Georgia

young adults attended our vocational school

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Vocational Support Provided Year Round

Vocational Support Provided Year Round

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