Little Boy in winter coat in Kentucky

Winter Coats for Kentucky

November 9, 2018

Little Boy in winter coat in Kentucky

Winter Coats for Kentucky

November 9, 2018

The distribution of winter coats at the headquarters of our partner Come-Unity Cooperative Care (CCC) in Laurel County, Kentucky was orderly and efficient.

That’s not an easy thing to accomplish when there are 276 coats to be distributed to children in need.

First off, before any of their clients arrived, staff and volunteers arranged the coats by size on a rack and then posted a notice that the coats were available. As clients’ requests came in, they were each registered by name, address, age, sex and size, and each child was able to try one of for size to ensure the right fit.

Just as we count on our supporters to help us fulfill the need for thousands of coats throughout Appalachia, those in this rural region of Kentucky rely on Americans Helping Americans® to provide these coats to CCC for distribution in its service area.

“Our community knows that our agency is a place of help for them when they have nowhere else to turn,” stated CCC executive director Linda Lipps.

Among those with “nowhere else to turn” was Rose who took in three of her grandchildren into her home “and they did not have coats to wear.

“CCC gave us all nice new coats,” Rose told us. “The kids are so proud to wear these pretty coats. I thank you for providing them for us.

“There was no possible way that I could have bought coats for them.”

In Beattyville, Kentucky Sherry Lanham, director of the Lee County Family Resource Center, stated it matter-of-factly, “The coats provided by Americans Helping Americans® made sure all the children were warm throughout the winter.”

Lee County has among the highest poverty rates in the country, and the need for coats is great there as many families struggle just to put food on the table, much less new coats for their children.

“Many of our families are single-parent families with one income and they are often overlooked – and the children suffer,” says Sherry. “Through this program, all children were able to come and get coats without the stigma of being ‘poor.’

“They know that we are here to help and they can come to us without fear of being made fun of or being labeled as a ‘poor’ family,” she added. “Many of our parents are from the generation that finds it difficult to ask for help and they are often embarrassed to ask for help for themselves…but they will ask for help for their children.”

Thanks to our supporters, we are able to be there to assist Sherry in her mission to ensure that they can provide EVERY SINGLE CHILD they serve with a winter coat so that not one of them has to be turned away and told the heartbreaking words that the very last coat was just given out.

Sherry recounted “one of my favorite quotes” was from a little third-grade girl as she tried on her brand new coat, after always only getting worn out hand-me-downs from her older siblings, or used coats from the local thrift shop.

“I have my very own new coat for the first time ever!” she exclaimed with glee.

And this from Sherry to our supporters expressing her gratitude on behalf of the children and families she serves for the coats:

“Americans Helping Americans® has gone beyond our wildest dreams in the way they have helped our community.

“We are so very grateful for all that Americans Helping Americans® has done for our families and our children. You have truly made a lasting impact on our families and our school.

“Without the help that we received from Americans Helping Americans® many of our children would not have had appropriate coats for the winter.

“It is wonderful to have your support.”

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